Qualifications: 18 years old, medically and physically fit, comfortable with heights

Equipment: specialist equipment and training materials are supplied

Course Length: 40 hours / 5 days

Who Should Take This Course: Ideal for tradespersons looking to combine their skills with Rope Access Certifications as well as individuals looking to work towards entry level positions in the international Rope Access industry.

You will learn how to work safely and efficiently perform as a Rope Access technician. By completing your certification course you demonstrate that you are capable of preforming a wide range of tasks at height under the direct supervision of a more experienced technician. Trainings include an overview of relevant guidelines and legislation, risk assessment, standard safety checks, communication methods and the usage and maintenance of all necessary rope access equipment.

You will learn how to:

  • Inspect all personal rope access equipment for safety and effective setup
  • Comfortably perform a variety of abseiling maneuvers
  • Assist in rigging under the guidance of a more experienced supervisor
  • Complete a solo descent rescue or lowering
  • Utilize basic knowledge of hauling systems
  • Understand Access, Hazard, and Safe Zones
  • Analyze fall factors, impact forces and resultant forces

IRATA I covers a variety of rigging, technical and rope access skills. You will excel at the execution of Figure 8 and 9 knots, Double-figure 8, Butterfly, Barrel and Double Fisherman’s knots. You will gain an understanding of basic rigging anchors as well as load sharing and positioning. You will practice structural climbing techniques and safety. All skills regarding ascent and descent, changeovers, anchors and intermediate anchors, rope to rope transfers, horizontal climbing and structure climbing will be mastered by the end of the course.

Course Structure

The course is structured around a primarily hands-on practice of techniques and the effective usage of safety methods. IRATA Assessors review all students on the final day of the course with both a written and practical assessment. If the assessment is passed, candidates receive an official logbook, certificate and ID card. Certifications must be renewed every three years.

About RAC Instruction

RAC are one of the first within Canada with rope access techniques. Our instructors offer learning from their in-depth experiences to provide additional skills and knowledge over and above the required syllabus. Our fully equipped and technically sophisticated facilities are some of the largest in North America.