Pipe insulation is a critical component of your industrial facilities ideal functioning and energy efficiency. Operation costs notably increase with absent, damaged or insufficient insulation. Improving performance, maintenance and fabrication of your insulation will protect your equipment and lengthens its lifespan. Return on investment for insulation is often achieved in as little as one year.

Rope access requires minimal equipment for setup and operations. This means your work site and processes experience as little interruption as possible during service. Compared to conventional access means like scaffolding and elevated platforms, rope access can easy save you 20-50% on services costs and facility down time.

Protect the ambient temperature of your industrial products and ensure that your piping and machinery are protected from cold, corrosion and ice buildup. Mechanical piping insulation reduces heat loss, increases efficiency and improves productivity and profitability. RAC brings you the most efficient method of insulation and asbestos abatement services around by putting trained insulation journeymen to work at height.

We offer a wide variety of insulation services including:

• General regular maintenance
• Insulation site fabrication
• Asbestos abatement
• Installation

Currently most facilities contract third party insulation services. Most of those contractors still require a scaffolding setup, scheduling and planning effectiveness to provide the client their services. RAC is highly competitive not just due to the savings costs on the sudden “no-need” of scaffolding solution but due to the downtime and planning nightmare reduction. This is just the way of the future, safe and highly efficient.