Qualifications: Certification in SPRAT Level I, a minimum of 500 hours and 6 months of logged rope access experience

Equipment: specialist equipment and training materials are supplied

Course Length: 5 days

Who Should Take This Course: North American workers certified in SPRAT I who wish to seek further training.

Level II Rope Access Technicians are capable of executing all Level I skills with speed and efficiency. The course is focused on advancing worker abilities in positioning, rigging and rescue. Once certified you will be capable of conducting rope access operations, maintaining access equipment and evaluating the safety of rope access systems.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Perform Job Safety Analysis
  • Manage and effectively communicate with a group
  • Evaluate material strengths and rope systems
  • Use cross hauling and rescue hauling methods
  • Climb horizontally on structures
  • Preform rescues on ascending systems

Course Structure

The course occurs over a four-day period with the fifth day devoted to evaluations. Advanced rescue and rigging methods are vital components of this training. Rigging non-standard operations and final systems with limited supervisory oversight will be practiced.

About RAC Instruction

RAC are one of the first within Canada with rope access techniques. Our instructors offer learning from their in-depth experiences to provide additional skills and knowledge over and above the required syllabus. Our fully equipped and technically sophisticated facilities are some of the largest in North America.