The safe and efficient operation of equipment and assets means everything to the success of your industrial endeavor. It’s essential to identify defects before they lead to damage. For many industries routine examination is also necessary for ensuring compliance with international standards.

Non-Destructive Examination allows you to test your system components or composition without altering the item being inspected. This means you can get clear and efficient data without causing any disruption to your services.

Quick and Effective Testing

Combining rope access with Non-Destructive Examination allows us to easily reach and test confined and hard to reach surfaces in tanks, pipes, vessels and large structures. We test the integrity of piping, welds and industrial structures. We work with oil and gas companies, mines, refineries, hydrogenation facilities and wind turbines. We also regularly work on large civic and urban structures, institutions and stadiums. Allow Rope Access Construction to collect the essential inspection data you need from hard to reach assets. We can quickly and effectively complete our testing without the hassle and cost of scaffolding or elevated platforms.

A Testing Method That Works for You

Rope access Non-Destructive Examination can provide complete or sample evaluations of your assets. We offer a variety of testing methods, such as ultrasonic, magnetic particle inspection and radiographic testing for all of your evaluation needs. Our rope access technicians quickly and effectively retrieve complete and valuable data on the integrity of your facilities structures and processing equipment. Non-Destructive Testing is completely safe and can provide information results almost instantly.

Non-Destructive examination saves you time and money in product evaluation, troubleshooting and research. Plus with rope access, these examinations are up to 70% more affordable than scaffold or mobile platform supported workers.
Give us a call today to setup a Non-destructive examination for your difficult access features and components.