Coating Applications

Over time, steel and structural elements that are exposed to the environment will oxidize and deteriorate. Protective coatings are used to seal these important building components off from the environment so that they don’t decay.

Existing coating systems can also need repair and replacement. Immersion in water, exposure to varying temperatures, ice abrasion, high humidity and mineral or chemical exposure all lead to eventual breakdown of protective coatings. Coatings can also be applied to entire commercial or industrial structures.

RAC regularly completes coating applications for heavy-duty oil and gas tanks as well as specialized treatments for commercial building surfaces. Coating applications are not just limited to surface painting. If you need to coat an awkward structure, call us.

Oil, Gas, Mining & Industrial Coatings

Maintain oil field equipment, refinery and petrochemical installations, hydroelectric plants, wind turbines, mining equipment and other challenging industrial structures with our highly experienced Rope Access technicians.

Rope Access Construction provides a variety of coating applications, including:

  • Hot application coatings like coal tar enamel
  • Fusion bonded epoxies (regularly used on pipelines)
  • Solvent less epoxies for sealing bolts, laps and walls (regularly used on water tanks)

Industrial painting, corrosion prevention and fireproofing will help maintain your facility’s optimal efficiency. An example of one of our regular tasks would be a pipeline coating application that involves the repair of sealants at pipeline joints. This starts with sandblasting the surface free of contaminants. Epoxy is applied and sealed with a heat treatment from a large induction blanket. The joint is cleaned then blow torched to activate the adhesives and finally a poly sleeve is wrapped around and sealed. Each of these steps can be smoothly accomplished at high angles or altitude with skillful rope access technicians.

Commercial & Residential Coatings

For buildings and structures at high altitude or with awkward angles, maintaining or replacing protective coatings can be difficult. Rope Access Construction can quickly and safely reach any areas of concern on your building or structure. Our services offer a flexible and affordable alternative to scaffold workers and the skills to get the job done right.