For oil and gas facilities, asbestos abatement is an important preparatory step for corrosion surveys and slated demolitions. All pipelines, ducting systems and mechanical equipment installed between 1920 and 1980 should be tested for asbestos prior to disturbance or removal. Samples of the equipment coating can be safely removed and sent to a local lab so that the exact coating content can be determined. Testing is generally very quick and affordable.

Our Process

RAC effectively cleans, mitigates and/or removes asbestos in full accordance with provincial and national health and safety standards. RAC is fully trained in containment techniques and proper use of protective equipment. We establish controlled spaces onsite and meticulously clean and remove all asbestos containing material. We also ensure that all friable material is kept in a damp state, protecting any exposed equipment prior to treatment.

Our company offers the unique ability to preform asbestos abatement at any height utilizing our specialized skills that makes us unique in managing environmental hazards. We are comfortable tackling significant challenges, such as containment and removal of potentially toxic substances, even while working above ground. Asbestos abatement often demands specialist access means, a service we are able to provide quickly and affordably.

Performing asbestos abatement is an important step to avoid fines, government mandates and potential lawsuits from local landowners regarding asbestos exposure. Call us today to see how we can help you take the appropriate preventative measures before someone else demands you too.