Rope access workers bring ease and efficiency to heavy lifting operations. Their maneuverability and minimal infrastructure allows our technicians to be fully compatible with helicopter or crane-lifting operations that might otherwise be impeded by large scaffold structures.

Rope Access heaving and lifting offers a great benefit to traditional rigging and lifting equipment. Our workers have the advantage of an immaculate safety record and the ability to minimize the exorbitant costs of heavy machinery. We can move or direct heavy materials without the obstructions commonly presented by scaffolding. RAC ensures that lifting operations will be properly planned and managed with our highly competent and experienced rope access technicians.

Our rope access rigging services is ideal for when access is difficult. We can lower your costs, improve your safety record and deliver exceptional service while working in tandem with cranes and helicopters without impeding their movement.

Some examples of rope access rigging assistance & installation tasks:

  • Installation of pulleys and block & tackle
  • Fitting of anchor winches and various rigging
  • Assist with lifting heavy loads to hard-to-reach areas
  • Installation of sacrificial anodes on open-truss legs of jack-up platforms.
  • And many other projects as required on site