Clients, Industrial site operators can achieve significant savings with the use of rope access for heaving and lifting. Our services are regularly used for oil refineries, construction sites and hydro facilities.

Rigorous safety measures and advanced techniques allow us to rig and lift in difficult or hazardous environments with ease and adaptability. RAC maintains impeccable safety standards and rapid setup time.

We can tackle any lifting challenge from demolition to fabrication. Whether you are dismantling, welding or assembling we have the rigging capabilities to move objects. Our services are ideal for challenging conditions where cranes cannot maneuver. We also work in cooperation with large machinery to streamline assemblies and dismantling or cleanup.

Rope Access Constructions offers:

  • Site evaluation and planning
  • Debris removal
  • Lift schematics
  • Assembly and disassembly of large structures

We regularly work on smokestacks and toppled industrial chimneys. Our process begins with a work site inspection and is followed by a lifting plan tailored to your budget. Finally, we design and implement the ultimate lifting system for your situation.

Whether you need fabricated and lifted into place, large diameter pipelines installed or replaced, difficult-to-reach mechanical components completed, rigs moved or large structural components placed, we have the maneuverability and capability to help see your project to completion smoothly and cost-effectively.