NACE inspectors provide quality control, recognize design and fabrication defects and detect coating failures. Allow a certified Rope Access Construction NACE Inspector to help you take a pre-emptive approach to managing your building’s coating and maintenance needs.

Getting your building or structure inspected is an effective way to protect your financial investment. NACE is the world’s most recognized coating inspection service. The NACE inspection tests the remaining thickness of the coatings and paint treatments on your structure with specialized tools. Surface and ambient conditions are also assessed along with non-visible contaminants. Inspectors are familiar with a wide variety of corrosion control methods, coating types and curing mechanisms to give you the best recommendations for treatments and repairs.

Oil & Gas

Taking care of the industrial coating on your tank, pipeline or structure mitigates risk to the equipment and lengthens the life expectancy of its protective barriers. Most importantly, it helps to prevent facility breakdowns. Routine exposure to extreme cold, moisture fluctuations and other corrosive forces can make industrial sites especially susceptible to coating breakdown. A ropes supported NACE inspection can quickly provide information on your coating’s integrity for even the most difficult to reach surfaces.

Commercial & Construction

Rope Access Construction offers corrosion control, paint inspection and surface preparation on steel and non-steel substrates. We conduct NACE inspections to provide you with maintenance schedules and quality assurance. Our evaluations will leave you assured that the coating job has been completed to all coating standards and specifications.