We rapidly and skillfully install, repair and remove cables. We have successfully completed many projects to mount, adjust and stabilize cables of all shapes and sizes in both urban and remote locations. Whether your business is in mining, construction or simple residential repair R.A.C can be on-site, set up and at work on your cable project in no time.

Cables are an essential tool of most industrial, construction and building sites. Electrical lines, fiber optics cables, satellite cables, and a variety of other communication and transmission lines are often located at awkward heights or in confined spaces. R.A.C. is specially equipped for safely working at high angles and in exposed or restricted environments.

Reduce Costs With Our Team

We can offer the benefits of minimizing disruption to your site while significantly reducing the cost and time needed to the get the job done. R.A.C’s electricians are highly skilled and adept at working at heights or in confined spaces. They can quickly and effectively install electrical and data cables, trunking, cable trays and other systems. We also work with satellite cables ducting and trays. Rope access is a very fast way for clients to accomplish cable installation, even for exceedingly large cables.

We pride ourselves for offering a unique ability to strategically reach and rapidly repair such vital cables in both hazardous conditions and hard to reach places. With minimal needs for infrastructure, our cable technicians can quickly and efficiently install or remove cable lines of all shapes and sizes.

We are experienced in cable assemblies for:

  • Pipelines and pipe racks
  • Oilfield drilling derricks
  • Offshore platforms
  • Communication towers
  • Others

Our unbeatable safety standards ensure that your task will be carried out with minimal risk and minimal interruptions to operations. R.A.C can install industrial cables many kilometers long swiftly and efficiently. We are comfortable and experienced in navigating pipe racks, oversize cables and those used specifically in the oil and gas industry.