In Canada, we know what cold means. Protecting your pipes, from freezing is essential and E.H.T or Electrical Heat Tracing is the standard way to do it in addition to Insulation. Electrical Heat Tracing cables are sensitive and susceptible to damage, particularly when used in hazardous locations.

Yet maintaining ambient temperatures using E.H.T systems is critical to the success of a number of industrial processes. The Canadian oil and gas industries are especially reliant on the use of E.H.T systems for success in their operations and conveyances must be kept at set temperatures to function properly, particularly amidst extreme weather conditions.

Rope Access for E.H.T Maintenance Reduces Costs

Our E.H.T Maintenance team can help you manage and prevent the deterioration of heating cables. We are highly experienced in safety management and rescue systems. Particularly when it comes to working at heights with electrical systems and components. RAC is competent in assisting with replacing cables, box junctions and other electrical parts; as well as shielding, splicing and terminations. We mainly work on pipes, equipment.

Installing and preforming maintenance on electric heat tracing systems can be a costly endeavor. RAC can offer you huge savings by reducing your need for scaffolding, elevated platforms and other cumbersome elevation systems. Our highly trained technicians and tradesmen are accredited and certified for working at heights with minimal infrastructure. Our solution include certified Electricians, Insulators and rope access technicians, who will bring the “One Stop Shop Solution” needed to reduce costs for clients.

Whether you need an emergency service or to plan the install a new utility pipe, RAC can assist in the design of comprehensive E.H.T systems. Heat tracing is crucial for thawing pipes and maintaining temperatures of your assets. They allow for a constant current of temperature adjustment in liquid systems and ensure appropriate temperatures are maintained for process and transport.

If you are looking for cost effective solution for your systems on site, please feel free to give us a call. We will be more than happy to offer a presentation of our capacities.