For your high asset industrial processes, preventing pipes from freezing and overheating is crucial. The productivity of your facility and the safety of the entire operation are on the line. When your E.H.T system gets damaged, splicing electrical lines should happen fast. RAC can help, with some of the swiftest response and repair times possible.

Our certified journeymen electricians are trained to work at height and maintain the required training for splicing safely on ropes. This is a very unique solutions to repair EHT systems in a matter of hours not weeks. Save yourself the time, money and potentially disastrous losses of scaffolding and elevation platform setup. Fix your E.H.T failure fast and effectively with rope access electricians.

RAC regular splices EHT lines for:

  • Refineries
  • Extraction sites
  • Oil & gas facilities

Why Rope Access Is Better

The intricate and complex system of pipes, lines and cables used by Industrial plants, oil and gas facilities and other refineries relies on smooth fluid processes. The success and efficiency of E.H.T is a huge part of this. Whether your pipes and vessels carry, maintaining their temperatures is a delicate balance. RAC is highly experienced in working on critical process lines. We’ve performed rapid repairs on mineral insulated E.H.T systems for frozen lines in the dead of winter that could’ve shut down entire operations. We are proud to have prevented the freezing and overheating of countless piping and process systems throughout Alberta.

All of us knows that splicing is a complex job and requires an expert. That’s why we train experienced and certified electricians in rope access instead of the other way around.