Ensure that every aspect of your operation is conducted in a controlled environment with a complete Safety Management System. Safety Management Systems afford personnel with the highest level of risk protection in the work place. They provide special equipment and training for coping with and minimizing safety emergencies for workers in confined spaces or at heights.

We also provide specialized systems for fall arrest and custom rescue plans for the particular hazards and legal requirements of workers operating at heights and in confined spaces.

According to international standards, rope access is only to be utilized in conjunction with a complete Safety Management System.  Our SMS Systems include a preplan safety analysis of the work site and logistical measures needed for employee entry into a confined space or onto a vertical surface. Our highly experienced technicians can also train staff in the usage of rope systems, supplied air breathing apparatuses and communication technologies to ensure expedient and effective rescues of injured or trapped persons.

Job Plans To Stay On Target

A thorough job plan accompanies every complete Safety Management System. This plan includes a unique job hazard analysis and rescue strategy that should be reviewed prior to commencing the task. It overviews details and contacts on the job site, worker training levels and emergency numbers, communication methods and a step by step analysis of the work and tools needed to accomplish the job. All relevant hazards are cited in detail. It also reviews all environmental hazards and mitigation methods being utilized. A detailed rescue plan, description of all rescue equipment and emergency contacts is essential to ensuring your job site is prepared in the case of emergency.

RAC offers fully inspected extensive equipment caches for confined space rescue equipment. These might include tripods and rope rescue packages necessary for the configuration of vertical or confined spaces. Our highly experienced and certified Safety Supervisors keep training and skills perfectly current to ensure that your company receives thorough planning for all its potential rescue needs.