Protect the safety of your valued personnel and your company’s reputation with our certified confined space rescue technicians. Over 60% of confined space fatalities are untrained would be rescuers. Professional standby rescue services can prevent unnecessary losses and ensure that you are prepared for every contingency.

The highly skilled personnel required for completing maintenance or building tasks may not have the specialized training needed for complete safety in confined spaces. Allow our experienced rescuers to standby during operations and ensure that work and workers are carried out safely.

Rope Access Construction’s highly trained technical rescue teams offer a cost effective alternative to maintaining the rescue equipment and personnel of an onsite safety team. Our standby rescue technicians can oversee both interior and exterior activities on the confined space to ensure entry and operations are executed safely.

We offer custom tailored first responder services for confined spaces, high angle and low angle job sites.

Our standby rescue services range from:

  • Pre-planning assistance
  • Supervised confined space entry
  • Emergency retrieval systems
  • Rescue and first aid on-site during shutdowns or ongoing projects

All RAC rescue technicians are trained and equipped full-time rescue professionals. Teams can include qualified medical first responders and hazardous material technicians depending on your job site’s needs. Our rope access experts are comfortable, confident and experienced in working in confined space areas. Our standby rescue systems feature built-in redundancies for ensuring multiple rescue avenues, sophisticated retrieval systems and comprehensive fall prevention devices. We also offer special lowering and raising systems for essential personnel without ropes training.

RAC’s custom tailored rescue systems can be utilized for low, moderate or high hazard sites. Certified confined space rescue technicians offer comprehensive emergency response plans that are fully compliant with local, provincial and international regulations. All standby rescue technicians come prepared with breathing apparatuses, air-monitoring equipment, advanced rigging and rope access experience and a well-defined confined space entry management program.

Ensure that your confined space projects get completed without a hitch. Our safe and cost-effective standby rescue teams are prepared to be setup and on-site with minimal interruption or disturbance to your operations.