For personnel working on-site at heights or in confined spaces, safety is paramount. Ensure that your workers are properly equipped, trained and prepared to minimize the risk involved in routine operational tasks. Reducing personnel injury can be effectively achieved with site-specific risk management planning, fall protection and training.

For companies requiring regular rope access services in confined spaces or at high angles, site specific training can ensure your staff is prepared and equipped to handle any emergency.

Site-specific trainings review rigorous hazard identification and assessment, usage of rescue recovery systems, safe work plans, certification and equipment. By the end of the training, your staff will be prepared to produce risk assessments and method statements perfectly suited to your specific operation requirements.

RAC provides three levels of confined space or high angle rescue training: basic awareness training, regular operator training and supervising technician training.

Basic Awareness: The first level offers a general knowledge of high angle and confined spaces such as permit requirements, hazard recognition and management of personal safety.

Regular Operator: The second level of rescue training teaches workers proper procedures for mitigating emergencies through non-entry means.

Supervising Technician: Technician level training is hands-on and covers a thorough study of the history, planning, procedures and permitting of confined and hard-to-reach spaces. Hazards, decontamination procedures and rescue equipment for both entry and non-entry rescues are essential components of this educational program.

Prepare your personnel to work at heights or in confined spaces where above normal fall protection is required. Our site-specific training programs are custom designed to meet the planning and management needs of your facility. Training duration, location and scope of service are all based on your requirements. A fully documented comprehensive training package and legislation-compliant certifications are included with on-site trainings.