When a pipe bursts or fail, you need a pipe fitter team that can quickly and effectively get a repair done. RAC has extensive experience in maintenance, new construction and repairs services utilizing rope access services.

Our specialized pipefitters are experienced in both piping repair and planned assemblies. Whether pipes carry, monitoring and managing their condition is an important part of maintaining the optimal performance of your facility and our rope access pipefitters are here to help you do just that.

Industrial Setting

Pipe fitters are essential for getting work done according to code. Seal installations are quick and effective with rope access. Our rope trained trades can rapidly access pipes to assess and repair ensure that all materials and components are functioning properly.

RAC provides innovation, offering certified pipe fitters that can either perform work on the ground or in the air, delivering safe and cost effective services.

With strict adherence to rigorous international safety standards, they are also one of the safest labor choices available. They are highly competent in managing hazardous materials and providing comprehensive secondary and tertiary safety systems. With zero fatalities in the history of IRATA rope access certified technicians, you can count on our services being low risk.


For emergency leaks in hard to reach places in large buildings, like a hospital, university or commercial complex, rope access pipefitters can get on site and mitigate leaks quickly. Working with a dynamic team, the pipe is prepared on the ground and tied in with rope access workers. Our teams can include pipefitters, welders, electricians and steamfitters to repair the damage.

Whether your business is in oil and gas, minerals, metals, clean energy, construction or commercial infrastructure, we are prepared to provide skilled rope suspended journeymen pipefitters for all of your vessel, pipeline and pipe system needs.

If you are looking for a professional and dynamic pipe fitting team, contact RAC today.