For large asset industrial facilities and commercial or institutional buildings, valves play a vital part in regulating the optimal function of your equipment. Sometimes these valves may malfunction or depreciate in service and are located in confined or hard to reach locations. Rope Access Construction offers quick and comprehensive valves service for difficult access vessels and spaces.

Valve Cleaning and Repair

Build-up in valves can cause pipes, pipelines and boilers to choke and back up, buckle or overheat. You want to service your valve before that happens to prevent system wide shut downs or costly emergencies. Rope Access Construction offers valves service for industrial hydraulic, cam operated, proportional and servo valves, among others. We examine and review pressure and flow controls and repair or replace valves to Original Equipment Manufacture specifications. Often this can be as simple as replacing a soft seal or other soft part. Sometimes particulate in the environment can change the performance of proportional or servo valve. This can necessitate repair and replacement of electrical components. Whatever your valve’s needs, our highly experienced technicians can service valves at heights or in confined spaces effectively.

Valve Inspection

Flow control valves, servo, proportional and other types of valves can all benefit from routine inspection. By making a small internal bore, our rope access valve technicians can evaluate the inner spools, which are subject to wear. They also examine all component parts including springs and O-rings. Anything that is moveable or has a static seal gets evaluated and all seals are replaced. The core and onboard electronics are also properly analyzed. Our rope suspended valve technicians systematically evaluate every part and cog of your valve to identify any issues or impairments to proper functioning.

In large boilers valves are particularly important, as any damage from a malfunctioning valve can be severe. Internal tubes may rupture and burst. This often requires an immediate need for repair. These repairs can be very costly, so it’s best to conduct regular maintenance on your valves to prevent damage to the system. While working in a confined space or at awkward angles and heights, our valve technicians can systematically inspect, repair or replace any malfunctioning components or valve.