We offer a variety of mechanical union trade certified rope access technicians. In addition to pipefitting, plumbing, steam fitting and welding we also offer skilled and certified workers with the following skills.

Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Rope suspended HVAC workers provide a variety of testing, maintenance and repair services on heating, cooling and venting systems and equipment. They work with gas, thermal, hydraulic and refrigeration systems on roofs and the sides of buildings or structures. They also routinely work in confined spaces.


Rope suspended boilermakers install, repair and maintain the confined interior spaces and hard to reach exterior surfaces of very large tanks, heavy pipe work and pressure vessels. Boiler makers typically work on boilers, heat exchangers, pollution control systems, furnaces, condensers, water towers, penstocks and scroll casings. We most commonly deploy rope access boilermakers to power plants, refineries and chemical manufacturing facilities.


Ironwork is regularly required at great heights. Rope access ironworkers offer the benefit of being able to service any hard to reach façade or structural feature. They routinely assist in erecting steel skeletons, rigging heavy machinery and reinforcing steel and cables.

Sheet Metal Worker

Rope access industrial sheet metal workers and technicians install and repair high cost metal components found on the exterior and interior of a wide variety of industrial facilities, from factories to refineries, power plants to skyscrapers. They bring specialized skill in working with sheet metal surfaces to any confined, elevated or high angle space.


Rope access millwrights maintain and install hard to reach components of equipment and machinery. Systems that they work on can typically include conveyors, processing equipment, bulk material handling, pumps and compressors. They work in both confined spaces and high angles with a high degree of precision and technical knowledge.