For tall or complex structures and industrial facilities – like bridges, refineries and stadiums – many components or surfaces may be highly problematic to access. A post could be suspended several hundred meters in the air, or the interior of a large diameter pipeline might need evaluation.

Rope Access Construction can safely and cost-effectively inspect the most difficult to reach locations.

We provide Close Visual Inspections for examining welds, pipework, vessels and structures of all kinds. This type of inspection is typically conducted as the primary mode of Non Destructive Examination. Our technicians will get up close and personal to every detail, especially welds and joints, to look for indications of areas requiring further inspection. We provided rope suspended experts for identifying where pipework or metal construction could use further wall thickness checks. New assemblies routinely require close visual inspections prior to conducting any other Non-Destructive Examination.

A sampling of our certified Visual Inspection offerings:

  • American Petroleum Institute
    • API 510 Pressure Vessel Inspection
    • API 570 Process Piping Inspection
    • API 653 About Ground Storage Tank
    • API 580 Risk Based Inspection
    • CWI Certified Welding Inspections
    • Visual Testing (ASNT-TC 1A)
    • Direct Assessment of Pipeline Corrosion
  • Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) Inspections

Whether your business is commercial, urban, in the oil and gas industry, mining, hydrogenation or wind power, we are here to help give you the inspections you need to ensure your facility and equipment has been assembled to all specifications and guidelines. We offer a safe and affordable means of inspecting difficult or dangerous location at height or in depth and confinement. We are highly experienced in providing evaluations of welds, pipework, vessels and structures.