Monitoring the integrity of steel joints, structural beams and racking board welds significantly helps to prevent potentially catastrophic damages in your structure or facility. Yet many of these essential components may be positioned at hard to reach heights, depths or angles.

Rope Access Construction provides swift and versatile magnetic particle inspections for those hard to reach places. Rope access is safe, cost-effective and causes little to no disruption of your facilities services and functions.

Magnetic Particle Inspection is typically used for:

  • Primary non-destructive testing
  • Post construction evaluation of structural integrity
  • Statutory examination of welded fabrications

Magnetic Particle Inspections are ideal for signifying defects in highly conductive materials like iron, nickel, cobalt and some of their alloys. These inspections provide information on surface and subsurface discontinuities. Magnetic Particle Inspections are frequently used in the manufacture of machinery, ship hulls, batteries and building parts by the construction, petrochemical and manufacturing industries in addition to those in the commercial sector.

These types of inspections are extremely effective at indicating fatigue induced cracking on pad eye welds, racking board welds and powder coated steel used for stadiums and other large structures. For effective testing the surface coating may need to be removed and later repaired. We provide the technicians for both. The high-sensitivity crack detection of ferrous-magnetic components and welds can be done from rope access with both direct and indirect magnetization. Rope access technicians make reaching all of the welds and steel components of your structure, vessel or facility quick and easy. Without the delays of scaffold or platform installation, our technicians can be on-site and conducting evaluations in short order.

How Magnetic Particle Inspection Works

Rope access magnetic particle inspection is a great way to determine near surface defects. Our technicians use magnetic fields to look for indications or “leakages” where subsurface discontinuity exists. After the material is magnetized, an iron solutions or paste is applied. The iron particles quickly move in accordance with discontinuities in the magnetic field and mirror any flaws or gaps in the material substructure.

Rope access construction is fully equipped and ready to deliver rapid and effective magnetic particle inspection for your hard to reach welds and steel components.