Let us help you take a closer look at any subsurface issues that could cause damage to vital components or facility structures. Phased array testing is an advanced form of ultrasonic testing used for identifying cracks, flaws or other progressive failures in components.

It is an essential tool for construction evaluation, resource extraction and power generation. A fast and effective rope suspended inspection team can swiftly relay valuable information to remote or on-site engineers and field service agents.

Phased array ultrasonic testing is typically used for:

  • Wall thickness measurements
  • Inspection of welds and hot metals
  • Corrosion testing
  • Flaw and cracking detection
  • Bond integrity
  • Heavy equipment gear, lug or bore inspections
  • Inspection of wind turbine gearboxes
  • Volumetric measurement of liquids

Rope access phased array testing offers the ability to swiftly reach and test hard to reach or confined space locations. In addition to saving time, we also save you the unnecessary costs of scaffold or elevated platform installation. Our specialized rope access evaluation technicians can be on site and at task for a fraction of the fee that would be charged by a conventionally suspended inspection team.

Detect flaws, corrosion, thickness and the integrity of welds at high angles, in confined depths or in awkward locations with Rope Access Construction. Phased array ultrasonic testing provides you with cut-away images of material substructures. This type of testing is much more accurate and complex than single-element ultrasonic testing. The ultrasonic beam can be set with highly specific parameters including angle, focal distance and focal point size. Allow rope access phased array testing to get you the results you need fast and efficiently.