If you are having a hard time finding a typical access method for an ongoing or reoccurring project on a unique structural feature, an engineered platform could be the access solution you’ve been looking for. Engineered platforms offer an innovative access method for reaching angled facades, difficult access surfaces, industrial infrastructure or large boilers.

Our custom engineered platforms and mezzanines are an affordable alternative to permanent construction when regular access to difficult to reach areas is required. They offer a safe, informal access method for almost any structure or façade. We provide completely custom engineered platforms and fall protection systems to cater to all kinds of loading requirements and building access constraints.

Engineered platforms and suspended decking installations are ideal permanent access systems. They come in a variety of unique structures and forms custom tailored to your exact specifications. These might be suspended decking installations, mobile or monorail systems or heavy-duty suspended access platforms for boiler work. Engineered platforms are typically made of either aluminum or steel depending upon your requirements. We oversee design, engineering, fabrication and installation of each unique suspension features

Alternative access platforms are engineered to your individual requirements and specifications.

They are used for a variety of tasks such as:

  • Skyscraper interiors or exteriors that require reoccurring maintenance
  • Servicing of cooling towers, pipe racks or large boilers
  • Manufacturing or maintenance of large or bulky equipment
  • Specialist infrastructure access for setup, upkeep or safeguarding.
  • And many other projects as required on site

Custom engineered platforms offer the benefit of requiring little to no additional preparation for non-rope access trained staff. They are designed to be fully compliant with all safety codes and building restrictions while saving you the costs and taxes of a fully permanent construction feature. Our platform engineers work with you to ensure that every access design is proficiently configured to accommodate all existing site conditions. Once installation of the access platform has been completed, personnel can be quickly trained and ready to carry out whatever work is required.