If you have a large span that needs to be accessed or protected from overhead debris, RAC’s netting systems can offer you a fast and cost effective solution. We offer a variety of netting solutions to provide access, protect areas and personnel when work at heights is undertaken.

We combine two main types of netting: Safety netting, which provides an easily installed walk-able work surface and debris netting.

Tension Netting

Tension netting provides a walk-able work surface that is a cost effective alternative in comparison to scaffolding systems. They are lightweight low-impact, can be installed under deck areas, bridges, tanks and almost any large structure or span. They can also be used in conjunction with rope access and any other fall arrest setup to ensure total worker safety and job site efficiency.

Tension netting is a suitable work platform for many types of work tasks such as surface prep and coating application, inspection, steel repair and pipework installation or repair.

UV stabilized, tear resistant and load tested, debris and tension nets are quickly and efficiently installed with the help of our certified technicians. When working on tensioned nettings, workers are tied off to the independent rope systems installed (rope access or tensioned fall protection), thus assuring compliance with all regulations and safety precautions.

Multifunctional and can be used in combination with:

  • Trades assistance for Industrial sites.
  • Debris protection.
  • Containment
  • Workers protection.

With the combined usage of total containment systems, personnel require minor training for work at heights in order to be cleared for work on tension netting. Tension netting is a fast and effective means of positioning workers and equipment during inspection and building work.

Safety and Containment Netting

Safety and containment netting are netting systems used to prevent the fall of objects or personnel. Also referred to as bespoke systems, safety nets are the preferred method of fall arrest for workers at heights. They are also designed to protect laymen from construction debris and are regularly installed to prevent injury or fatalities while work is being done at heights. They can be used for personnel safety, prevention of dropping objects or just general support.

Our safety nets are rigorously tested and code compliant. Full protection netting is rated for arresting human falls up to 5,000 lbs. Very thin and light nets are also available for catching lightweight fallen objects and debris. Safety netting is regularly installed on construction and industrial sites to provide protection for the job site and traffic below. It offers a redundant fall protection measure that can take the place of standby rescue teams. Safety netting is particularly useful for working under bridges and high or arching structures where secondary fall protection is required. It can also be used to wrap entire structures or objects where loose components, tools or the potential for dropped objects presents equipment risk or human hazard.