High structure rope access is essential for reaching difficult access areas where installation, maintenance or repair needs to be preformed quickly and effectively. Accessing high structures with rope or abseiling systems and technicians causes minimal disruption to the job site and offers rapidly reduced costs and installation times when compared to conventional access means like scaffolding.

Our rope access technicians can handle any high structure project weather it be art installation, antennae replacement, suspension bridge maintenance or industrial tower work.

A high structure is considered anything above ladder height. Your high structure might be a residential condo, a small bridge or a huge utilitarian structure. RAC is experienced working on high structures both large and small. Whether it be a 300 meter tall cooling tower or a small industrial feature, our proven rapid access methods can ensure any necessary work task is carried our safely and efficiently.

Rope Access Construction is unique in that we bring our unique access training to valuable ticketed tradesmen. Our workers are experienced in a variety of inspection, construction and maintenance tasks. Whether it be plumbing, welding, coating or electrical our technicians are trained and ready to be onsite and at work in short order.

Rope Access Construction is a bonded and ISO certified company. Our rope access methods offer a top-notch safety record and can save you the exorbitant costs of machinery and infrastructure required by other access methods like scaffolding. We also provide height safety consultancy and supervision.