Industrial guiding is an access assistance method for personnel who are not trained in rope access. It is ideal technique for when a quick intervention is required or when the safe placement of highly skilled workers at difficult access job sites is needed. RAC’s industrial Guides escort personnel, whom are less qualified or inexperienced in rope access, to technically challenging, difficult access or inhospitable environments.

RAC’s guides are safety and rope access experts, highly trained and experienced in securely reaching a variety of industrial settings. These might include bridges, towers, various components of energy generation facilities and pipelines or skyscrapers. Using a variety of fall protection and rescue methods, industrial guides are competent in confined space entry, medical evacuation and hazard assessment. Comprehensive risk assessments are performed on every jobsite prior to execution, ensuring that all possible dangers are carefully evaluated and planned for. Rope Access Safety experts can ensure a variety of personnel reach difficult or dangerous work sites safely and efficiently.

Equally experienced in workplace health and safety and harsh outdoor exposure management, RAC’s industrial guides can create a safer working environment for other staff members moving through the same challenging settings. Our employees are strictly compliant with all applicable Health and Safety regulations. They can also provide safety, rescue and evacuation planning for a variety of remote, complex and difficult access job sites.

The industrial guiding process is much faster and more cost effective than total rope access training of staff. If what’s needed is a very quick intervention, for example a bridge requiring an urgent inspection form an engineer, a half-day training program and hazard assessment is all that’s needed for the engineer to be prepped for industrial guiding.

Here’s how the process works:

  • Preparation for industrial guiding is a half-day process (complete rope access training of a skilled worker takes a full week).
  • The person to be guided will be led through essential maneuvers on the rope in one of our training facilities.
  • The site will be evaluated by a Rope Access Supervisor and the appropriate setup and redundant safety systems will be installed.
  • An experienced Rope Access Guide will lead the appropriate party to the job site and ensure that all tasks and maneuvers are carried out safely and effectively.

For clients that need to go and take a look at something, but don’t have rope access training, industrial guiding offers a fast and affordable way to get the job done. Contact RAC today to see how our Industrial Guiding process can facilitate your difficult access evaluation tasks.

RAC in process of being ISO certified. Our rope access methods offer a top-notch safety record and can save you the exorbitant costs of machinery and infrastructure required by other access methods like scaffolding. We also provide height safety consultancy and supervision.