RAC provides comprehensive services for all difficult access situations. We can, safely and efficiently accomplish any hard-to-reach maintenance, repair or inspection task. Below are some of our clients in Alberta, Saskatchewan and BC.

City of Calgary

General maintenance, building inspection and standby rescue.

BC Place Stadium, Vancouver

Coating application and arch installation, Vancouver BC, 2011-2012

The “Mast job” was a coatings project calling for 9 technicians for 3 months that morphed into an 8 month expanded access mega project. R.A.C supplied access, rigging and technicians to coat 36 fifty meter tall masts and support these beams while connecting arches were installed. “Once we got started everyone wanted a piece of our capability. We expanded our available personal, working schedule, rigging locations and job scope to meet the needs of this iconic structure. R.A.C was into the arena completing work before scaffolds’ could get a price quote done.

Ledcor Group, Alberta

Window cleaning, electrical and mechanical maintenance for large-scale construction and industrial building contractors.

Potash Corp, Saskatchewan

General maintenance using rope access systems. R.A.C was first contacted by our client to provide a solution to remove a sprinkler system in a very difficult area and eliminate the scaffolding budget. This was a highly successful project and since, our company has delivered on a regular basis, services to some of the mines.

Saskpower, Saskatchewan

Our maintenance using rope access systems was discovered by the planners after a lunch & learn meeting. We are currently expanding our relationship with Saskpower and are offering a safe, cost saving solution to their operation.