Transform hard-to-reach interior and exterior environments with façade painting. Whether you are looking to renovate, epoxy coat, paint strip, remove rust, texturize, waterproof or protect your façade or structure, our high-rise and difficult access painting experts will deliver quality workmanship quickly and cost-effectively. Our professional painters are trained in rope access, not the other way around.

We regularly work on:

  • Complete commercial, residential and industrial repainting projects
  • Marine vessels and docks
  • Confined spaces and industrial tanks
  • Difficult access structures like bridges, arenas and towers

We provides façade painting services for buildings and structures with access issues. Conventional scaffolding can be costly, time consuming and hazardous to use. Our rope access technicians have rigorous safety training and can setup their support system in minutes not days. RAC also offers technicians specialized in façade preparation and repair. Mending damaged façades and removing rot is a crucial first step to ensuring the long life of your paint job. We offer color matching services for small touch-ups and an extensive variety of paint types and coatings. A final window cleaning is always delivered upon project completion for buildings that require it.

What are the Benefits of Using Rope Access

Industrial rope access minimizes damage to walls in comparison to scaffolding and industrial lift powered means. Our low impact and rapid setup support systems lower your risk of property damage and deliver the same service as scaffold or aerial lifts suspended workers in a fraction of the time and cost. RAC’s minimal setup time and equipment also means less intrusion to your buildings occupants and less overall disruption to your facilities operations. All of our workers adhere to rigorous safety standards, removing the hazards of less specialized scaffold and platform workers. Repairing façades with rope access is easier, faster and safer than scaffolding. We offers highly cost-effective façade painting service that ensures minimal disruption to your building occupants and facility operations.