Regardless of style, most buildings 20 to 40 years old and older require concrete façade repair. RAC can help you remove deteriorated concrete and lower loose materials safely. We preform work on the entire span of a building’s façade and treat delamination, cracks and sealant failures caused by corrosion.

The modern architectural styles of high-rise residential and commercial buildings regularly features exposed concrete framing elements and infill windows. These features are economic in terms of cost and stylish in that they highlight the structural expression of the building. When properly executed exposed framing elements present few problems. However, if there are any delinquencies in design, construction or material choice exposed frames can cause accelerated deterioration of building exteriors, particularly in cold or humid climates. Cracking of concrete, corrosion of embedded reinforcing steel and premature peeling of protective or decorative coatings are some of the damages these facades can incur. Breaks in the building’s façade then lead to water leakage, air infiltration, safety concerns and unpleasant appearances.

Why Concrete and Coatings Fail

The pressures exerted by fluctuations in humidity and temperature. Climates with extreme cold and humidity suffer far more rapid façade deterioration. The pressures exerted shift the concrete’s volume over time, leading to cracks and weaknesses in the surface. Mild earthquakes or vibrations can also cause delamination and material losses to facades. If deterioration is extensive, replacement may be more appropriate than repair. If exposure has affected any structural elements, steel repair and replacement may also be necessary.

In addition to full concrete façade repair maintenance services for difficult access and high angle features, RAC offers the following repair services:

  • Welding and metal working
  • Fiberglass replacement and repair
  • Flashing repair and installation
  • Decorative trim repair and installation
  • Coating repair and application

What We Do

Our rope access technicians get up close and personal with the façade of your building to safely provide corrosion control and hard-to-reach surface maintenance. With overhead walkway protection and sophisticated safety mechanisms in place, our technicians suspend along your building’s face to inject cracks with epoxy or grout and remove any loose pieces of the structure. They may also replace drainage channels, repair seals and weld strapping. If a large concrete repair is necessary, matching the existing paint color and texture of the building’s façade may not be practical. For these cases we can also offers a full coating application to create a uniform appearance for your building.

Whatever your concrete façade repair needs, we diligently provide the skilled workers and safe low-impact technology to get the job done quickly and cost-effectively. Call us today for a free quote.