For large buildings and unusually shaped structures, window cleaning can present considerable challenges. Without stable access, routine cleaning and grime removal can fall to the wayside, leading to the unsightly appearance of an eye-catching surface.

RAC routinely solves access problems thought to be impossible. What might be unreachable by scaffold suspension can be quickly at the fingertips of a Rope Access technician. By single suspension, almost any surface is easily within reach. We are always open to working on any building or structure;.

Here are some typical ones that we service:

  • Skyscrapers
  • Stadiums
  • Arenas
  • Hotels
  • Iconic structures
  • Condo towers
  • Hospitals and schools

Difficult access window cleaning is especially useful for structures where conventional suspension platforms are not an option. Even if scaffolding or suspended platforms are feasible, rope access can offer more competitive pricing and completion timelines because of the minimal infrastructure required to get the job done. Rope suspended window cleaning is fast, efficient and non-disruptive to building occupants. Technicians repel in pairs from anchorage points on the building’s roof. Working from the top down, they strategically squeegee away dirt, grime and calcium residue to leave behind a sparkling view.

Rope access is a safe, affordable method for accessing sensitive areas of a building. We specialize in providing cleaning and maintenance solutions for any premise with access problems. Remember that window cleaning is a four-season job. While cleaning services are dependent on weather conditions, our technicians are happy to keep your view presentable all year round.