RAC provides pigeon spike and netting installation for all types of large urban and industrial structures. Whether you have a condo tower, office building or car dealership, RAC can stop the mess on the side of your building fast and cost-effectively. Pigeon spikes offer a rapid and humane solution for preventing large birds from landing on hard-to-reach flat or curved surfaces. Pigeon spikes are most commonly installed on rooflines, ledges, signs, windowsills, high beams, conduits and under eaves.

There’s nothing wrong with large visiting birds, until their landings on your structure become consistent. Pigeon and seagull droppings contain highly corrosive acids that corrode metal, cement coatings and other substrates if left for long periods of time. Bird nests can also block important vents or drains leading to machinery failure and leaks. To make matters worse, bird waste hosts an array of contagious diseases like salmonella and meningitis.

Here’s how it works:

  1. The surface is cleaned and disinfected to remove unsightly remains and infectious disease particles.
  2. A flexible strip of angled spikes is mounted onto the ledge or feature. This makes a formerly attractive roosting perch a very uncomfortable alternative for travelling birds.

Nesting sites can also pose a considerable problem for large buildings or industrial shaped structures. Vents, gutters and hollows on the sides of tall buildings offer safe and private breeding grounds for birds. Yet their waste can quickly cause damage to valued surfaces. Shut them out with a pigeon spike or netting installation today with the help of our friendly rope suspended technicians.