RAC offers a full range of other building maintenance services for those difficult to reach areas. If you require any variety of specialized building maintenance work we will be pleased to accommodate you.

We offer rapelling services to accomplish any building maintenance task. Whether you’re looking for skilled masonry workers, welders, electricians or a simple window clean, the speed and financial savings of rope suspended workers makes RAC an obvious choice. We can be on site and working after a safety briefing, no setting up of awkward stages or other elevated platforms. We specialize in providing superior service for short-term projects that require a great deal of mobility.

Some examples of our additional services include:

  • Light fixture installation
  • Light bulb replacement and removal
  • Setup of commercial banners
  • Power washing and cleaning
  • Antenna installation
  • Waterproofing: caulking around windows (including very large ones)
  • Replacement of windows or façade features
  • Technical rigging and temporary platform solutions
  • Pest control and pest removal
  • Masonry repair, replacement and finishing
  • Fiberglass repair and replacement

Each of these tasks is made faster and easier with rope access. If you can avoid scaffolding, why use it? The planning and setup required causes huge delays in installation and maintenance. Rope Access technicians can be up and down in one day, getting your building maintenance work done on the spot.

Whether you are a building owner, manager, procurement manager, or developer we are proud to offer you first class service for high angle and elevated work tasks. RAC is willing to provide any type of façade maintenance you can imagine.